Guitar setups and repairs, restoration too.

As well as building fine bespoke guitars, I also offer the service of guitar setups and repairs.  This will enable a guitar/mandolin/double bass/uke/banjo can be played at it’s optimum.  I also have good experience in repairs and the restoration of old or valuable instruments.

Common repairs include broken headstocks, bent tuners, lifting bridges, loose electrics and pickups and less commonly, cracked soundboards and cracked backs and sides of acoustic guitars.   Acoustic guitars after roughly 25 years can need a neck re-set, this is due to the relentless force (about 170lb) trying to pull the neck upwards and trying to collapse the soundboard at the soundhole. The saddle can only be lowered so much to improve the playing action until it disappears into the bridge – at this point a neck re-set is needed.

A good professional set-up will make the guitar play like it’s supposed to, it never ceases to amaze me how many factory guitars are sold to the public with bad playing action and intonation.   Even if the guitar was nicely set-up when new, it will need re-adjustment as time goes by due to climatic changes and the organic nature of wood.

  • Set-ups from £55 – Includes truss rod adjustment, new strings, nut height adjustment, saddle/bridge height adjustment, fretboard clean and oil and set the intonation on electric guitars.
  • Saddle intonation/compensation on acoustics from £35.
  • Nut replacement from £25. Saddle replacement on acoustics from £25.
  • Fret dress, re-crown and polish £85.
  • Re-wiring and fitting of custom electrics £30 per hour.
  • All other works including re-finishing will be quoted for after detailed inspection of the instrument.